#summerfun, in ALABAMA

Thats right folks we left home on Monday around 6pm and arrived at my sisters at about 8.42pm on Tuesday. ┬áIt was a very long drive, but worth every minute. I can’t even tell you everything we did or everything we saw, but I can tell you that we had a wonderful time. I think this was the first time since Feb (when we found out dad was sick) that I have had no agenda and nothing planned. I was strange at first. I got used to the pool really quickly. The temperatures where in the low 40s basically the entire time we were there and the humidity was in the high 90s. I loved it!!!


The one thing I did learn about myself is that I can no longer do long drives like that. These old bones just don’t bounce back like they used too. I would do the trip again in a heartbeat but I would need two days to travel.


Time behind the lense

I sometimes wish that a picture could capture the sounds, smells and warmth of what the eye sees. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but just imagine what it would be worth if you could add all the other elements to it. It would be worth so much more. If you could only capture the emotions that come along with the beauty a person see in what they choose to capture through their camera. I wish you could all feel the warmth of the sun, and hear the songs of the birds as I captured the beauty I found.